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Just in! Math Help! March 6, 2012

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Are you struggling with math or is there one particular area that you need help with?  I had a link shared with me today that you should check out.  Patrick JMT has a series of math tutorials for practically ANYONE who needs help or is “math impaired” like myself.

This is definitely worth your time!



Calling all cars! January 26, 2012

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I could be calling this car, but I am calling YOU!

Okay, I am not really calling all cars, but I am calling on our astute, clever and creative teens who want something to do on any given evening.

In the coming days, weeks, months, oh…  years?!  I am planning:

  • A book group for our young adults/teens – put aside the dry Oprah books – let’s read books like The Hunger Games, Wither, If I Go and Speak.  A book should be fun to read; not put you to sleep!  I would like to get enough interest to get a small group started that can grow!
  • A film club that will meet one time a month to watch the movie of your choice (within boundaries, of course).  We are looking at using MuVChat software during selected screenings to make the whole experience JUST THAT MUCH MORE FABULOUS.
  • There is the possibility for a photography group that could meet once or twice a month, or we can just set up a separate page linked to this one to showcase a weekly theme.  There is a lot of FREE photo editing software out there like:
  1. Gimp 
  2. Picasa
  3. Sumo Paint
  4. Paint.NET
  5. Photoscape
  6. Photoshop Express (you edit your photos in your browser with this one)
  7. Raw Therapee (for shooting in camera raw – used in conjunction with other editing software)
  8. Photo Filtre
  • This year should bring us fun things to do like photo painting, a scavenger hunt, the normal summer reading program as well as another Photoshop class that is in the works with Jared Rarick from The Orange Room.
  • This page is not meant to be merely about book reviews; look forward to info about upcoming events at the library or in the world at large, how to’s and DYI’s, photos etc….
  • Email me at with things you would like me to post – this can include your photos, your artwork, a book review, something that you think would interest anyone else – think outside the box!

This is just one of the creative things you can do with a bit of photo editing software...


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