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It’s a Book-a-riffic Spring Flowered Tree! March 25, 2013

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Book-a-riffic Flowers!

With spring upon us, I thought it was time to get at least one spring project in.  I found a great DIY at Design Improvised and, modifying it a bit, came up with something perfect for the library: spring flowers made from book pages!

As with all of the DIY’s we post, supplies are cheap, already around the house, or free, and this is your list for this project:

  1. Hot glue gun and with a glue stick!
  2. Branches – you can usually find these outside!
  3. A tatty old book!
  4. Scissors!
  5. Some sort of embellishment for the center of your flowers.
  6. That’s it!

And because I wanted to save time and space on this post, I did a photo collage with your step by step instructions.  Enjoy!

instruction photos


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